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It just never fails.
Anything…anything that has to do with a login…scammers will try to scam you.

This is the most recent we’ve seen from the targeting of Office 365 users.

This is a phishing attempt.
They send you to a site that looks official.
They hope you’ll input your credentials.
Then they’ll start sending spam from your account…at the very least.
ID theft is probably part of their plan.
Or, selling your credentials on the black market to really take things to the next level.

How to Tell A Fake in Under 10 Seconds

We’ve highlighted some points:
Blue: note the period after Microsoft
Yellow: those are zeros not “O”s…except that last one, it is really an “O”.
Orange: Greek letters used vs. actual “a” or “e”

Why do they do this?
SPAM filters are programmed to look for certain things.
Certain words.
This is artificial intelligence(AI) in use.
See how easy AI is to trick?

This is what a real header from Office 365 looks

real office 365 header

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Just a guy trying to help folks out. SPAM is getting trickier every day. Scam calls also get more believable daily. Be careful out there.

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