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This one is a bit different.
Received the above email from a friend.

Initial suspicion is that he would send a “confidential document”, much less something via dropbox.

The “dropbox” email had an attached pdf, which again, is not normal.

Using our protected computers, we opened the pdf.

Drop Box phishing scam
So the next suspicion should be, why would Drop Box send me an email with a PDF attached that then has a link embedded in it?

Not at all a standard method.

So we examined the link.

It is a shortened Bitly link, which again is not standard.

Drop Box phishing scam
We followed this link to what is now a common sight.

Notice, this is not just an attempt to phish Drop Box credentials, but an attempt to get a large variety of credentials.

This should be, yet another, warning that you should not enter any information here.

pdf phishing scam
We did contact the owner of this website as, it is a legitimate website.
The site has been hacked, but the hackers are simply using pages outside the normal use so the owner doesn’t notice it.

Hopefully they will take action to fix their website.

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Just a guy trying to help folks out. SPAM is getting trickier every day. Scam calls also get more believable daily. Be careful out there.

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