Charles Schwab Fake Email Alert

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The good is these guys really screwed up with the email. As you can tell, there are a few, hopefully obvious, issues. 1) No name in the To: block. 2) An attachment that is a .htm, never open these. 3) “Raw” html showing in the email, which they didn’t intend. Seeing the raw email does Read More

Fake Resume Email

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Well, Stevie spears is busy, still lazy, but making improvements. Not an hour after posting a weak attempt as phishing /virus spreading /who knows what by sending out emails with .zip file attachments, another email from Stevie, but this time some improvements where made. First the obvious issues: Sender is unknown to me Nothing in Read More

The Random Attachment

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I’m always amazed to get such a basic, blatant scam email. I don’t know the sender From email is .NL Nobody’s name in the to block Zip file attachment Nothing in the body Lazy criminal clown, which I guess is good.

Fake Firefox Patch

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Just ran across this fake Firefox patch today. Was surfing a news site and this link to an external site brought this up. An additional window to download the “firefox patch” also opened. So don’t panic when you see this message, just realize you don’t want to download or confirm any downloads.