Deposit to checking account made fake

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  This simple little fake email just showed up claiming to have deposited some money in my checking account. It was sent to the email address registered to the domain, so they are scraping that. The from is fake. The report spam email address is different than the from and is a dead or hacked Read More

Fake Paypal Security Account Verification

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  This fake PayPal security notification is classic. It has an attached html item that you are expect to click on. Normally we run these through a stand along computer and see what was really in the attachment. This time we deleted the email before doing so. Chances are it was either: A phishing page Read More

Nokia Fake Email

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Not sure what they expect from this weak example, but there must be enough people out there who will click on anything. Remember this golden rule: if you do not know who sent you the email…WHO not that you are familiar with the company name…do NOT open any attachment. Also, the fact that it is Read More