Fake 2nd Notice Again email

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A couple of things to note on this: The from email is…interesting, Subject line of “2ND NOTICE AGAIN” is obviously there to rattle you To: line is blank. For those wondering what “codicil” means, well: noun noun: codicil; plural noun: codicils an addition or supplement that explains, modifies, or revokes a will or part of Read More

Fake Norton Popup

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So I’m surfing along minding my own business when I click a link from a very popular news aggregation website. The next thing I see is this BS. It is merely a fake web page that causes no harm, but you will have trouble closing just this tab. You’ll probably have to Ctrl-Alt-Del then end Read More

Fake AMEX Activity email

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Got this fake recently. Not a bad job of looking real…other than the email address obviously isn’t me, and the from is a .gov. If you had an AMEX card I can see you might fall for it. The site you are taken to has been hijacked.