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This clown picked the wrong woman to call.

He called my wife and was apparently a jerk to here (believe me, that doesn’t help).

He says he’s with the IRS.

He says we owed $2800.

He knew enough (our home address, my name) to rattle her at first.

He says if a money order isn’t immediately sent the Sheriff will be in front of our house in 10 minutes.

While telling her this, she hopped on the computer and found this post.

Then she started asking questions (look out), he became belligerent and she turned on the guilt trip talk that a wife is so good at.

After, she called me and told me what happened.

I reminded her that the IRS doesn’t call you, they send letters.

I also got this clowns phone number, again it is 530-532-2612, and I called him.

He answered “US Treasury” in what sounded like an Indian accent, then he asked my name.

I said, “you called me…why are you calling me?”

Then he hung up.

I wouldn’t mind if everyone called and told him what kind of clown he it.

Remember, the IRS doesn’t call you, they send letters.

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Just a guy trying to help folks out. SPAM is getting trickier every day. Scam calls also get more believable daily. Be careful out there.

One thought on “Scam IRS call from 530-532-2612
  1. Scam Alert Editor says:

    UPDATE 3/12/2015
    This appears to be an ongoing issue still. This recent article tells of the same tactics being used against others.

    Be careful and again remember, the IRS does not call you, they send letters.

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