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Be aware of phone calls that people claiming to be from the IRS.

The Revenue Service and Treasury inspectors have issued warnings about a nationwide phone scam targeting taxpayers.

Callers claim to be IRS employees and alter the caller ID readout to make it look as if the IRS really is calling (very easy to do).

Victims are being told that they owe taxes and must pay up fast or they will lose their driver’s license, be arrested or be deported.

The IRS never makes unsolicited calls to people to tell them they owe more taxes or are due refunds.

I say again, the IRS does not make phone calls to you.

The IRS contacts taxpayers first by mail.

If you get one of these calls, notify Treasury inspectors at 800-366-4484. Also tell the Federal Trade Commission by filing a consumer complaint at and noting “IRS Telephone Scam.”
Click here to read the official warning from the IRS

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Just a guy trying to help folks out. SPAM is getting trickier every day. Scam calls also get more believable daily. Be careful out there.

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