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If you have a credit card…and if your credit card company is descent, you then should have some sort of card abuse function with your card.

Though I use a reputable card company, I know that there algorithm for triggering alerts is not the best, hence I get a few calls a month for benign things like $17 a the grocery store.

As much as I feel like complaining, I’d rather the system be over sensitive.

Yet, when I get an email like the one below, it can trigger a “oh, here’s another”.  Of course, I have to remind myself that my company never sends these via email.

Anyway, below is a good example of a fake credit cart transaction scam attempt.  Their goal is to get you to call…concerned, ask you for your credit card info, which you’ll give as you are concerned, then probably say, “oh, everything looks good, thanks.”

Classic phishing.

A few things to note on the email below:

  • 1 Sheldon Square doesn’t exist, 1 Sheldon Ave does, and I’ve included the Google Maps Street View image for that address.
  • They don’t even give a valid zip code for their location.
  • Area code 228 is Gulfport, MS.

It took me under 2 minutes to look up those items…all of them further cementing that this email is a complete scam.

Fake credit card fraudulent transaction email

Fake credit card fraudulent transaction email

The supposed location of their home office.

The supposed location of their home office.

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