Credit Card Transaction Scam

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If you have a credit card…and if your credit card company is descent, you then should have some sort of card abuse function with your card. Though I use a reputable card company, I know that there algorithm for triggering alerts is not the best, hence I get a few calls a month for benign Read More

General Asking email

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This is one of those where you think…”who would every fall for this?” Well, I’m guessing some still do, as I keep receiving them. Usually these arrive with a “from” from someone you know, as their email system has been hijacked. Other times very common names will be used for the fake email from. In Read More

Update in a flash fake screen

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So, I got a call from my father today.  “I was just on the Costco website and now my computer says I need to update something.”I say: “is there a red X in the top right hand corner to close the windows?Dad: “No.”So I remote in and see the follow BS software update sham.The good Read More