Phishing attack directory
  • DirecTV Discount Call Scam

    I just received a call from 800-411-5166. Robo-call asked if I wanted to get my discount for DirectTv. I don’t use DirecTV. Still, I said yes. It then asked for my DirecTV PIN. Great. Now the billing phone number. Super. Read More

  • AT&T DirectTV scam call

    I just got a call from “Jake” at AT&T DirectTV. Jake is obviously from another country. He said they just pushed a new update the TV boxes. [I don’t use DirectTV, but didn’t tell him] Jake: “are you watching TV?” Read More

  • Poor Ransomware Attempt

    Sometimes the simplest thing just works. In crime via email, maybe this works. It’s bad, though. The criminal hopes you are dumb enough to think that simply because you received an email, your account is hacked. They want you to Read More

    Poor Ransomware Attempt

  • Office 365 [fake] Voice Messages

    So, this is new. Phishers are trying a different method to get your Office 365 credential. There is no Office 365 voice messaging. There is Skype for Business, so don’t confuse these. The giant Office 365 graphic is meant to Read More

    Office 365 [fake] Voice Messages

  • Office 365 Upgrade Scam

    It just never fails. Anything…anything that has to do with a login…scammers will try to scam you. This is the most recent we’ve seen from the targeting of Office 365 users. This is a phishing attempt. They send you to Read More

    Office 365 Upgrade Scam

  • Fake Request for Donation

    Sometimes a fake email is so bad it makes you wonder. This email is a doozy. Just don’t.

    Fake Request for Donation

  • Fake Secure Message Email

    Secure messaging is becoming a much bigger thing. Medical facilities are using it quite a bit these days, which means they’ll expect you to. This opens another avenue for scammer to try to trick you. here is an example of Read More

  • More Fake Fax emails

    Here we go again. Fake “fax” emails. Most of these you see will be “from” eFax. This one is “from” MyFax. It pretends to be an invoice from a pest control company. If one were to click the download button Read More

  • More IRS Fake Calls 202-241-7512

    Yep, they’ve started again. This year it is a robotic voice from “Agent Lauren” something. You are told to call 202-241-7512. That’s also the caller ID from which they call. I called back to have some fun. Busy first. Rang Read More

  • IRS Scam Call from 4106355824

    Just received a scam IRS call. The Caller ID is New Windsor, MD 410-635-5824. It is a robo call. It is NOT trying to hide the fact that it is an automated call. The IRS does NOT call you. They Read More