Phishing attack directory
  • IRS Scam Call from 4106355824

    Just received a scam IRS call. The Caller ID is New Windsor, MD 410-635-5824. It is a robo call. It is NOT trying to hide the fact that it is an automated call. The IRS does NOT call you. They Read More

  • DocuSign Fake Email

    This is a pretty bad fake, but it must still work. I don’t know the from address. I don’t use DocuSign. DocuSign has various extra characters in the name. The site that the link goes to is a hacked site. Read More

    DocuSign Fake Email

  • DropBox Fake Email PDF

    This one is a bit different. Received the above email from a friend. Initial suspicion is that he would send a “confidential document”, much less something via dropbox. The “dropbox” email had an attached pdf, which again, is not normal. Read More

    DropBox Fake Email PDF

  • Docusign Fake email

    It was bound to happen. Now fake emails that appear to be from Docusign are in the wild. If you use Docusign, you know who you are. You know how it works and need to be familiar with how it Read More

    Docusign Fake email

  • Drobbox Fake PDF email

    These never stop coming. Thought it was rather humorous that whatever they used to created the button didn’t like the spelling of Pdf. Said site is blocked by Chrome from access.

    Drobbox Fake PDF email

  • Scam Craigslist Car Sales Ads

    I’ve been paying attention to craigslist lately. I’ve been helping a child of mine look for a new car. One thing I noticed is there are quite a few fake ads. The standard cliche holds here: if it looks too Read More

    Scam Craigslist Car Sales Ads

  • Fake Server Notice

    For anyone using web-bases email: gmail, yahoo, aol, mindspring, etc, this fake could getcha. It is a credentials grabber. Watch out.

    Fake Server Notice

  • MetLife Fake Email

    Fake email “from” MetLife. Looks real enough, sure. Hold your mouse over the button and you’ll see this isn’t taking you to but some site containing malware, ransomware or phishing forms. Watch our for the fake emails folks.

    MetLife Fake Email

  • That’s No PDF!

    We are seeing a slight uptick in both fake Word documents and fake PDFs.Notice in this email the following:From is someone I don’t knowsubject line mentions PDF attachmentlink is to a strange websiteThese things should make you run.Though, this is Read More

    That’s No PDF!

  • Myspace? Really?

    It has been a while since I’ve seen anything MySpace related…well, there is that opening roll on Silicon Valley…but beyond that. So to receive this recently made me chuckle. So an email from nobody I know, purporting to be something Read More

    Myspace?  Really?